Frequently asked questions about Vimla 2.0


Why are we doing this?

We have always believed that we can be more than an ordinary mobile carrier. As such, we met many of you, our users, in 2017 to better understand what you think is important, and what we as your service provider can do to give you a better service. The result? The new Vimla 2.0.


What will improve with Vimla 2.0?

Our new platform gives us the possibility to create entirely new services for your subscription. A direct improvement is for example that you get the data-usage updated almost in realtime on Mitt Vimla and in the app. But the foremost reason for our move to Vimla 2.0 is to give you a better experience of what an mobile carrier can provide.

An added bonus is that we will be quicker to adopt new technologies such as VoLTE, wi-fi calling and e-sim.


How do I change to Vimla 2.0?

To start the change to the new SIM card you just need to go to and click on “Påbörja ditt simkortsbyte”. If you have any questions, contact us on or by chatting with us.


Does Vimla 2.0 work with all mobile phones?

Some older phones that only support 2G do not work with the new 2.0 SIM card. This is because the manufacturers of these phone no longer update the terminals with carrier-updates. If you have an older phone where the new SIM card does not work you should contact us so we can help you find a solution!


Why do I need a new SIM card?

Only the new SIM cards support the new services that come with Vimla 2.0.


I’ve just received my new SIM card but it doesn’t work

If you have just received your SIM card you need to go to and choose a day for activation for your SIM card. Until the day that you choose for activation, you should still use the old SIM card.

If you’ve already chosen a day for activation and it still doesn’t work, contact us through our chat or send an email to


I can’t use data on my new SIM card

If you can’t use data on your new SIM card, it’s likely that you have the wrong APN-settings in your phone. You can read about how to configure the right settings for your phone here.

Psst, don’t forget to check that you have activated mobile-data on your phone.


I can’t send / receive MMS on my new SIM card

To send and receive MMS you need to have mobile data activated in your phone. After that you may have to change the APN settings. You can read about how to configure the right settings for your phone here.


Why is not the APN-settings configured automatically?

Every phone-manufacturer needs to accept Vimla’s new SIM card for the APN-settings to be configured automatically on their phones. Most manufacturers have already approved the new SIM card, but not all of them yet. There are also cases where the manufacturer doesn’t provide updates to older phones. For that reason, some users will need to configure the APN-settings manually.


I can’t call/text premium or international numbers

Check that you have “utlandssamtal / betalsamtal” activated on Mitt Vimla.


Will I keep my saved data and my recruitment-discount?

Yes! The change to Vimla 2.0 will not affect your subscription-level, saved data or your discounts.


Will I have to change to the new SIM card?

Yes, eventually everyone will have to change to the new SIM card. But you can choose if you want to do the change now or later.


Will you provide VoLTE / Wi-fi calling and if so, when?

Absolutely! On our new SIM card we will in the future provide both VoLTE and Wi-fi calling, but we do not have an estimate for when.


Why are there no delivery reports on Vimla 2.0?

We do not support delivery reports on Vimla 2.0.
It’s a service that is not accurate with any phone carrier and as such we have chosen not to support it. We recommend that you use a texting app instead if you want to be 100% certain that the message has been delivered or has been read by the receiving party.

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